Snake Gulch

World Class Indian Writings (Rock Art)

IMG_4263Hiking and Horse Trail

Spend a day you will always remember, exploring this beautiful canyon and its many outstanding Indian Writings.

Directions to the Trailhead
Take Highway 89A (alternate) south out of Kanab through Fredonia, AZ.  About 1 mile south of Fredonia, turn right (south) onto FS22, a paved road. Take FS22 south across the desert for 22.5 miles. When the pavement ends, continue a short distance to old corrals along the right side of the road.  At the corrals, turn west (right) onto FS423.  Go about 1.3 miles to where the road forks. Turn north (right) onto FS642 and go about 3 miles to the trailhead.

Description of Trail
From the trailhead ride or hike into the canyon.  Soon after leaving the trailhead, look for the remains of a sheepherder’s rock house. It is a 50 minute ride to the first rock writing (aka rock art) panel of petroglyphs in a small alcove near the trail.  The pictographs start further down the canyon and reach their intensity just before you reach Table Rock – a prominent flat top rock ridge that protrudes into Snake Gulch.  There is a spring that may be flowing up the drainage on the south side of Table Rock.  Across from Table Rock is a large alcove with the remains of prehistoric structures built into the wall. The return ride back up the canyon from Table Rock to the trailhead, without any stopping, takes 2 hours.  The best time to explore this beautiful canyon with its nationally significant rock writings is spring and fall.  It gets hot from mid-June through the summer. (Times mentioned are for horseback, hiking times will be longer)

Pack it in, pack it out!

Snake Gulch Photo Gallery

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